Dorset Police Community Liaison

As of March 2016, our Police Community Support Officer is PCSO 6500 Alison Donnison. She can be contacted via 101 or
Report Something or Make an Enquiry 

You can report or make an enquiry online. Follow this link for more information. If a crime is in progress or life in danger always dial 999.

AskNED - The Non-Emergency Directory - Who to Contact
  • Do you have issues with parking? Noisy neighbours? Concerned with an animal’s welfare? Not sure who to contact… Then AskNED – the non-emergency directory.
  • Dorset Police has launched a new online knowledgebase designed to help the public find answers to common enquiries and guide them to the right agencies.
  • AskNED offers help and advice around a whole host of topics such as civil matters including landlord and tenant disputes, as well as criminal matters including burglary and assault. AskNED provides advice and information about what you should do and who can help.
  • The online service is quick and easy to use. It is an alphabetical list of topics the police commonly receive enquiries about, along with details of the agencies who can help you.
  • Head of Contact Management for Dorset Police, Superintendent Steve Lyne said: “Ask NED is a useful resource for the public, providing information on topics we are most commonly asked about.
  • “It is an alphabetical list of topics that hold information and signposting details for that subject.
  • “Ultimately, I hope that AskNED will assist the public with questions they may have and divert people away from the 101 non-emergency number which will in turn provide further improvements to our service.”
  • To access the AskNED knowledgebase visit Remember, it is quicker and easier to report online, however the 101 non-emergency service is available should you wish to speak to someone. If a crime is in progress or life in danger always dial 999.
Fraud Prevention Information
Dorset Police have a process to identify and support vulnerable victims of fraud. It focuses on the protection of the elderly and vulnerable members of our communities, through awareness and prevention. Fraud is a hidden and underreported crime with victims often in denial or unaware.
Increasingly fraud is becoming more complex and deceptive, much of which is targeted at vulnerable and elderly people. Technology is enabling fraudsters to carry out attacks more quickly and employ more complex behaviours to remain undetected.
The nature of fraud victimisation is not only financial. The emotional impact is significant and includes guilt, misplaced trust and diminished confidence, resulting in detrimental effects on physical and mental health and increased social isolation.
If anyone is aware of any individuals or groups that would benefit from a visit from myself please contact the PCSO Alison Donnison via 101 or on the Dorset Police website, “Contact Us” section.

Click here for Information and advice about the latest scams, fraud alerts and cyber safety advice.

Crime Alerts
Members of the public can register directly for crime alerts at the Dorset Alert link at Dorset Alert